about me

I am a graphic designer, creative strategist, problem solver, and user experience enthusiast, newly arrived in beautiful Victoria, BC after living and working in Toronto for the past 12 years.

This site features some of my favourite work from my freelance clients and in-house projects that I designed. Much of my work focuses on creative campaign strategy and development, branding and identity, and publication design. I particularly enjoy collaborating with small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs to create effective and unique visual identities that help them get noticed.

This fall, I completed a UX design program at HackerYou, and I’m excited about bringing more user experience design into the work that I do. I believe that the most successful projects are those that start with an empathetic understanding of the end user. I ask “why” a lot, and I find that asking it enough leads to deeper exploration and opens up new ways of thinking about the problem to be solved, which then can reveal more effective solutions for the user.

When I’m not working, you can find me riding my bike around town, taking photos of my dogsinging for fun finding new fun things to do in Victoria that may or may not involve singing, and teaching myself non-design-related skills that give me a break from my computer. (No joke: in 2010 I taught myself how to juggle and it remains very satisfying.)

Do you have a project that I could help you with? Drop me a line and let’s get to work!