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Working together: my process

New clients — particularly those who haven’t worked too much with a graphic designer — often ask me, “So, how does this work? What happens next?” Good question! I decided to write this post to outline how I like to work for those of you who might be thinking of hiring a designer, but aren’t […]

October round-up

Current obsessions + good ideas: It’s a bright, stunning fall day at the beginning of November, so that means it’s time for me to reflect on what’s been keeping me going this past month. First off, I have to acknowledge that I skipped a September round-up, and for that I have this little guy to blame: Getting used to […]

August round-up

Current obsessions + good ideas: August has been a hugely inspiring time, so I’ve decided to make my round-up a bit more personal this month. Two weeks ago I attended Type Camp, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a creative retreat in the woods with other design-minded people, focusing on typography! Organized by type scholar and […]

July round-up

Current obsessions + good ideas: July has just flown past! Work is busy — which is great! — but it means I’ve been spending less timing ogling other people’s stuff on Pinterest and design blogs, which is probably a good thing. But I still have three designers/design studios to share in this month’s round-up, which I’ve come […]

June round-up

Current obsessions + good ideas: This month, I’m starting something new on my site: a monthly round-up of designers / illustrators / artists who are inspiring me right now, and the projects they’re working on. So now that July is here (!), here are three very different creatives who I just can’t get enough of.