Inside Out LGBT Film Festival Campaign 2016

This project was a fun collaboration with another graphic designer, Jayme Spinks, who I worked with at TIFF and on the 2015 Reel Asian Film Festival campaign. We partnered together to create the visual campaign, based on the concept of a spotlight, for the 2016 Inside Out LBGT Film Festival for both the Toronto and Ottawa editions of the festival.

The team at Inside Out wanted to avoid using any imagery or iconography that would read as stereotypical, so our challenge was to develop a look and feel for the festival that would convey “queer film festival” without hitting audiences over the head with it. Inside Out has been the LGBT film festival in Toronto for over 25 years, and they have a loyal audience, which allows for a bit more flexibility when it comes to promotion — they have a good deal of brand awareness in the city. For this year, they also wanted to appeal to a younger, more diverse demographic, while still communicating effectively with their core festival goers.

The idea behind the campaign was to use a spotlight to shine a light on LGBTQ film-makers, artists, and actors. The main image was created using a combination of analog and digital methods: we digitally projected several different versions of the name of the festival (designed into the round “spotlight” shape) onto a variety of surfaces until we got the most interesting results, which we then photographed. As you can see in the photo above, we rigged up a mini-studio which we outfitted with fabric and other materials, adjusted the projector, and used two cameras to capture as many angles as possible. The next image shows the initial projection on the fabric that ultimately became one of several images that we used in different applications, with some use of subtle rainbow-ish gradient washes and digital manipulation in photoshop.

We then applied this image to all the marketing collateral used to promote the festival: print & digital ads, street posters, subway ads, postcards, invitations, t-shirts, program guide, buttons, web banners, and more.