Kula Yoga web design

I work on an energy exchange basis with this downtown Toronto yoga studio (meaning I do a variety of design work in exchange for yoga classes – so awesome!), and they have given me so many opportunities to stretch my design capabilities. The studio’s director allowed me to take a stab at completely redesigning their website, despite me not having much previous experience at the time.

I worked with another designer and a WordPress developer to redo the site, including user experience, navigation, content development, and a completely new look. We had a lot of freedom in the redesign, the only parameters being that we had to use the existing logo and typefaces, and the site had to feature Instagram-like boxes to house info about upcoming workshops and events. The final site has been live since October 2013, and I’ve had a lot of really positive feedback from my fellow yogis – check it out at mykula.ca.

The overall design and feel is now flowing to other promotional products – including emails, e-newsletters, posters, membership materials – and it’s really satisfying to see a cohesive and lovely identity emerge across all aspects of Kula.