Menswear fashion magazines

In collaboration with boutique agency, The Vital Group, I art directed these publications for two high-end, Ontario-based menswear stores, Blazer for Men and Gary Waters. The primary goal of these magazines is to showcase the lifestyle surrounding the brands carried at each store, and to highlight new additions to the stock.

The editor Patrick Huffman and I worked closely with each of the store’s owners to develop two distinct looks for each publication, reflecting their respective personalities.

The Blazer for Men magazine has a slightly more youthful angle, combining a few typefaces to highlight different types of information. I chose Bodoni for the headlines and dropcaps (a classic choice for fashion magazines), Steelfish (the tall, condensed typeface) to give contrast to the section headers, sans serif Franklin Gothic for subheads, captions, and call-outs, and Adobe Caslon for an easy-reading serif body copy. Overall, the colour palette was clean and simple to give prominence to the fashion photography and pops of info.

For Gary Waters, I kept closer to a standard fashion magazine, using Didot for the headlines (in the same general style as Bodoni), Franklin Gothic again for captions and call-outs, and Century Schoolbook for the body copy. There were fewer call-outs and tidbits of info in the content of this magazine, so I was more bold with the colour, using some full-bleed images and dark backgrounds with knocked-out type to add variety to the spreads.

I had a lot of fun researching editorial design trends in preparation for getting into the page layouts. It had been a little while since I had worked so in-depth on a publication design, so I really felt like I was going back to my design roots with this project!