My own business cards

Lately, you could say I’ve been a little obsessed with edge-painted business cards. I just love the extra, unexpected pop of colour or subtle shimmer when you see them all stacked up.

I’m working on a personal branding project for a client right now, and we decided to go this route with a silver ink on white Luxe cards by MOO. I’d been curious to try MOO’s printing service for a while, after hearing some good things about their process and prices from other designers. The Luxe line of cards is super thick, which is really key to making an edge treatment like this effective.

Well, it worked so well for the client that I decided to give it a shot for my own business cards, which I have been designing and re-designing for the past 4 months. (As a designer, there may be nothing more nerve-wracking than trying to create your own business card which perfectly represents your personality, your business, and your creative skills, in 3.5” x 2”!) One advantage to using MOO is that they allow for unlimited “fronts,” meaning you could print a series of photos or illustrations on the image side of your card, for example. In my case, I was having a hard time deciding on the main colour, so I just designed two options (dark grey and light teal).

I did some research and found a few very helpful posts about the DIY edge-painting process (such as this one). To get the right colour, I used acrylic paint which I mixed to match my branding. There was some trial and error, and definitely a few botched cards, but overall this process worked really well.

I couldn’t be happier with the results! I can’t wait to start giving them out.