TIFF 2012 creative campaign

The goal of this campaign was the same as the previous year’s: to remind past festival-goers to buy their ticket packages and convince new audiences to shell out for a ticket or two. As always, the challenge was how to speak effectively to a broad, diverse target market.

We found that leading with photos taken at past festivals (as in the 2011 campaign) was an effective way to show the variety of experiences available to the festival-goer, so this creative option took that as the starting point. With the art direction of our then-new Creative Director, I designed this campaign using photos I sourced from TIFF’s extensive archives. The copywriter and Director wrote some cheeky headlines and we paired them with the closely-cropped photos to convey the breadth of the festival.

The tagline “You are here”┬áinvited the viewer to picture themselves in the action.┬áI set it in a white circle which we could blow up to be a dominant visual element, or reduce down to a small button in the corner, depending on the particulars of the promotional piece.

The bold type treatment and “TIFF orange” colour overlay tied everything together and provided an immediate visual impact to all the materials we created, from newspaper ads to site branding to the website.